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Hanging out in online games has been a favorite leisure time for a long time. Quite recently, it grew up at professional competitions and making money. But don’t mix up esports with plane procreation in online games and PC projects. We can’t name this sport a killer time: great games variety of different genres from simple clickers to enthralling shooters are represented primary esports industry. We have collected the top ten professional video games in 2020 on this page. The list depends on honored achievements, official statements, performed events, and user ratings.

1 Call of Duty

best android video games 2020 best games for android 2020

The projects distinguished by the gamer’s ability to play on console . Tournaments are prominent with its brand new titles. The latest is a brand-new graphics engine. Players can keep track of updates with every year’s release schedule. In 2019 we had Call of Duty Modern Warfare and it is one of the best android video games 2020.

When it cones to

best android video games 2020

this one is not to be left aside. Developers are following in Blizzard’s footsteps. It’s like with the Overwatch, Call of Duty League elected to be based on the franchise system.

It led to the foundation of 12 COD leagues across the world. You may hear about the London Royal Ravens, New York Dubliners, Minnesota Rokkrs, Florida Mutineers, and others. The last year wasn’t prolific with events, but you can observe current competitions between 12 teams on the official page. The total prize is 6 million dollars! Plump your knowledge about COD League’s matches.

Esports game was released in 2003, but still that time, we don’t know a number of current players for a while as the project is played on different platforms, but it was noted with 1 billion dollars. This fact proves the popularity of the project. Call of Duty Modern Warfare doesn’t have particular ranked games, but the player can join the Call of Duty League Challengers.

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

best android offline shooting games 2020

The project was released about eight years ago in 2012 by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment, and since that time didn’t drop in tournament’s table. The preeminence of CS:GO are regular updates, a huge trading market of weapon items, and annual gaming events. Let’s recall the BLAST Premier, ESL Australia, and NZ Championship. What for the 2020 year, it’s fruitful with upcoming events like the first Masters’ Championship within the ESL Pro League, three-day festival DreamHack Anaheim, The ESL One in Rio de Janeiro, and ESL One Cologne – The Cathedral of CS:GO.

Best Video Games For Android 2020

Talking about the audience in general, we may mention the IEM Katowice major in 2019. This event gathered more than one million viewers. The prize pool was 1 million, which represents an insignificant part of the total money prize since 2013, about 91 million dollars. Have a glance at all events in news forum Half-Life Television, the leading CS:GO site. If you keen on online games, participate in tournaments. And check your skills.

3. DotA 2

Best Video Games For Android 2020 Best Android Action Games 2020

Dota 2 is one more Massive Online Battle Arena that dominates the game’s industry. The project was released by Valve Corporation the same as CS:GO and compete against Riot’s League of Legends. That’s strange since LoL is popular in Asia. Dota’s popularity spread across other continents. The top professional players include 16 nations: France, Finland, the USA, Pakistan, and others.

Speaking about the prize pool funding system, we should note its peculiarity. Dota 2 has a specific method of creating prize money. Every year event that is called The International allows users to buy Compendium. When the user contributes to the Compendium, he obtains exclusive skins, items, and other modes for the account. It became a Staple of the event since 25 percent of all sum turns into the prize pool fund. Easy enough to calculate 35 million dollars for the last International. The whole amount suppressed 200 million dollars.


It’s no wonder that despite the prize fund, the number of users doesn’t overcome LoL’s estimation. The average count is approximately 400 thousand players for the last six months. It’s only 5% of the competitive esports game. Take a glance at the current events and competitions on Liquidpedia. We recommend playing some sessions in Dota 2. Who knows, maybe you are the next owner of the incredible event’s prize pool?

4. Fortnite

This game was launched just three years ago in 2017 and burnt gamer’s minds. The total awarding prize is striving to 80 million in those 3 years. Some viewers said it couldn’t be a real esports game, cause to lack of relevant events, updates, and proper competition. The hype around the project died down. However, it’s still at the top with the current esports scene.

Best Android Action Games 2020

An outstanding festival the Fortnite World Cup was handed in Arthur Ashe Stadium of New York City. The success of this event led to the anticipation of the next Fortnite World Cup tournament. Competitors and fans around the world were competing for the highest awarding prize share of 30 million dollars. This sum exceeded only by two projects – DotA 2 and CS:GO.

During that time, users wonder how many players hang out in the project. Back to March 2019, the amount suppressed 250 million marks of registered users. Ask a random person about Fortune esports game, and you will see increasing popularity, even though it’s not a gamer. This fact reveals the absolute fame of video games.

5. Overwatch

best arcade games for android

Players are waiting for Overwatch 2, but it’s still rumored, and there is nothing official. The main project was released in 2016 by Blizzards Company, and it’s the real esports game, so the players are satisfied.

Professional esports League for the Overwatch is in the third season now. The League consists of 20 teams and competes for about 26 weeks. The total prize pool amount is 5 million dollars. The feature is that every team can win a match — the Shanghai Dragons’ bitter experience of losing 42 games left behind.

Overwatch esports is prominent with the USA and South Korea preeminence. The top 25 earners consist of residents of these countries. Only one professional gamer a resident of Sweden. 22 million dollars were handed out in Season Playoffs to the top players, but the most incredible event is the global Overwatch World Cup between nations.

According to the Overwatch League schedule, competitive matches usually start on February 8 and goes till August when replaced by World Cup. Overwatch esports is available only on PC. Try yourself in the Overwatch Open Division to prove your skillfulness.


We understood that it’s not the whole list of esports games. The integrity of titles is admirable from arcades to fighting games. Farming Simulator also belongs to this genre. Let’s memorize projects that we didn’t mention: PUBG shooter and Apex Legends battle. They are representing two free-to-play games that were neglected in favor of the Fortnite project. But it’s not effects on PUBG Mobile version, more appreciated by players.so stay in touch with 9jaxtreme as we will soon be dropping

best arcade games for android

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