Nigeria Best Web Hosting Reviews 2021

Nigeria Best Web Hosting Reviews 2021
Nigeria Best Web Hosting Reviews 2021

This time the review about the Best Cheap Local Web Hosting in Nigeria 2020 . Choosing the best web hosting is very important. When you buy good hosting it will also have a good impact on websites that are built primarily on speed.
It’s a little difficult to choose a good hosting because at this time many hosting providers offer different prices. Then how do you find quality hosting services, also at affordable prices?
At this time I have compiled a list of the best local web hosting that might help you find the best option.
Why do we have to choose Nigerian local hosting? one of the advantages is the ease of communication, also the quality that is available is also good as an outside hosting provider. Oh yes, in this article I did not receive money from any hosting service provider site to make this review.

List of Nigerian Best Web Hosting 2020

Price: Starting from ₦500.00/mo
Space: Unlimited.

Pros: Free SSL, 30 day guarantee, 50% discount, free domain.
Price: Starting from $350 / month
Space: 50MB to 30GB.
Pros: Free SSL, cash like 30% for migration.

Price: Starting from ₦450 / Mon
Space: Unlimited.
Pros: Free SSL (other than pro package), 30 day warranty.

Hosting: QSERVER
Price: Starting from ₦450 / Mon
Space: 90MB to 15GB.
b Free SSL (other than personal package), free domain.

Price: Starting from $3.99/Mon
Space: 500MB SSD to Unlimited.
Pros: Free rapid SSL (ultimate ++ package), 30 day guarantee, free domain.

Price: Starting from Rp. 20,000.
Space: 50MB to 30GB.
Pros: Free SSL, cash like 30% for migration.

Tips for Choosing the Best Hosting

1. Choose the size of a large

Disk Space Disk space on hosting you should also consider. Disk space is the amount of space available for use as storage such as files or images on a website.

2. SSL Available SSL

stands for Secure Socket Layer which functions to protect your website from attacks. SSL also has a good effect on the quality of SEO websites.

3. Using SSD

SSD or Solid State Disk is the latest storage technology that can speed up website loading.

4. Available Backup and Restore

Choose a service that provides backup and restoration facilities, so that the security of our website is maintained. Suggestions use a hosting package that has an automatic backup service.

5. 24 Hours Support

Make sure the web hosting service you choose is available that you can contact support for 24 hours.

6. Good reviews from users

You can look for reviews on the internet about web hosting services that you want to use.

7. Choose the right

price Choose the right and suitable hosting price. Usually cheap hosting has limited features, for example, it can only be used for wordpress blogs.

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