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Us Rapper Meek Mill Reveals That He doesn’t want his daughter treated the way he treated other women (Read His Statement)

“I admit it, I don’t want my daughter to be treated the way I treat other women” Meek Mill reveals

The American Rapper has revealed his feeling over his daughter and confessed he wouldn’t want her daughter to be treated the way he treats other women.

The American rapper has admittedly revealed he has dated and had affairs with many women as part of his celebrity lifstyles.

It’s nice and enjoyable for him but he has revealed he wouldn’t want his daughter to be treated as he treats his chicks.

The American rapper’s daughter has left her childhood stage and is heading to puberty. This has staked Meek mill in fear as he confessed he wouldn’t love to see her abused by any man.

he tweeted;

“I admit it, I wouldn’t want my daughter to be treated the same way I treat other women”

However, fans has been on fire amidst his Twitter handles.


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