Wp Rocket Latest Plugin Download (3.6.4) + Best Configuration 2020

wp rocket best Configuration 2020 WP Rocket Plugin Free Download Wp Rocket Latest Plugin Download
Wp Rocket Best Setup 2020

WP Rocket Plugin Free Download

. This is another amazing wordpress plugin,which increases your wordpress site performance by 99% rocket speed. i would have said 100% but as you all know nothing/nobody is ever perfect.


– Today i are giving you the free wp rocket with lifetime license, WP rocket is the most popular paid caching plugin for
WordPress. There are many other free popular cache
plugins available like W3 Total Cache and WP Super
Cache. But WP Rocket is not just a simple cache
plugin. It has many features that do more than a
regular free cache plugin. This plugin offers lots of
customization settings such as media optimization,
pre-loading, lazy-loading, database optimization and
much more. It also works perfectly with all popular
plugins – Yoast SEO, Cloudflare, Sucuri and many
WP Rocket is made for newbie bloggers or
webmasters who don’t have any technical knowledge
about caching. Anyone can configure this plugin in
less than 5 minutes, without any confusion. Even if
you don’t do any setting change, it will automatically
apply all recommended and safe settings just after
activating the WP Rocket plugin. If your theme has
lots of CSS and Java-scripts or HTML files then no
need worry, WP Rocket also compress them and
reduce the page size without breaking your page.
Overall, WP Rocket is the best caching plugin for
WordPress that helps to boost the performance of
your site.

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Features of WP Rocket Best Cache Plugin for WordPress

★ Compatible with CDN

★Easy to configure and setup

★ No technical knowledge required to use

★ Works with all type of sites

★ Easy to understand settings


WP Rocket Plugin Free Download

★ Automatically enables recommended
settings on installation

★ Lazy images, iFrames and videos

★ Files optimization supports

★ Files compression support

★ Custom cache lifespan

★ Allows you to Prefetch DNS requests

★ Forced cache refresh option

★ Preloading of pages

★ Preload URL’s from sitemaps

★ GZip compression

WP Rocket Plugin Free Download

★ Optimization of Google fonts

★ Preload cache support

★ Reduce the size of the database by

★ Browser caching support

★ Allows you to remove query strings


WP Rocket Plugin Free Download

★ Helps you to get 90+ Google page speed
insights score

★ Integration with Cloudflare

★ Different cache for mobile site
Improve overall performance of site

WP Rocket New Updates (Changelog)

★ Add display=swap parameter to Google font
even when there is only one on the page and
the Combine Google Fonts option is

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Backlinks Websites For High
Ranking 2020

★ Prevent the combined Google Fonts link
from causing a 404 error in specific

★ Prevent invalid characters in inserted critical
path CSS when using Optimize CSS Delivery

★ Bugfix: Prevent the cache from being
recreated on each page load when the WebP
cache option is enabled and there are no
WebP images on the page.

★ Prevent deletion of licence-data.php file
after license validatio
n on multisite.

Wp Rocket Latest Plugin Download

★ Bugfix: Prevent PHP Fatal Error after update
to 3.5 when also using the GDPR Cookie
Consent plugin by WebToffee.

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★ Prevent a PHP fatal error caused by the use
of wp_unslash() in the process.php file.
Prevent an inaccurate preload counter
display in the admin notice.

★ Correctly auto-generate critical path CSS
when enabling the Optimize CSS Delivery

Some other minor bug fixes and

WP Rocket Plugin Free Download

Download through Mediafire:
Download File

Wp Rocket Best Configuration 2020

Below are the steps for a faster Web page, and we are only sharing detailed pictures only,For faster installation you can download our Backed up file below after the image tutorials..

Wp rocket Cache Optimization

wp rocket best cache

Wp Rocket File Optimization

wp rocket File Optimization

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People From Adding You To
Telegram Or Whatsapp Groups

Wp Rocket Media Optimization

wp rocket media settings

Post Database Cleanup

wp rocket post clean up

Wp rocket best configuration

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